Switching to Windows 7 from Xp. My monitor wont display 1600x1200 now?

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  1. You need to ensure you have a current video driver for your system(as well as many other drivers, they can be found on your MB makers website).

    Without it, the video card will be limited and may not know the resolutions the monitor can support.



  2. You can also tell it not to hide resolutions your monitor doesn't support and pick from that list. Just make sure your monitor can actually handle them. The reason windows is hiding those is because you don't have a proper monitor file/driver so windows assumes it can only support smaller, older resolutions.
  3. excalaber said:

    Typical response from someone who's 10yrs in the past and has no idea how to use modern software.

    Did you install the latest drives for your video card from ATI/Nvidia/Intel?

    1600x1200 is an odd resolution, most monitors are 1680x1050 or 1920x1080.

    Are you sure 1680x1050 isn't your monitors native resolution? Have you tried it?
  4. Willing to guess it is just not a wide screen.

    Good old 4:3 displays. maybe even a good old CRT(My Samsung 17GLSI had was that resolution and even went higher[but its specs listed that i believe].).
  5. yep. 1600x1200 is just not widescreen. very common years ago. as others stated, please make sure you have installed all your video and chipset drivers. look in computer management > device manager and look for yellow <!> warnings. Install correct drivers until all warnings are gone.
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