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1) Is it possible to get SLI bridge from any PC shop?? cause all the Nvidia cards I see don't come with SLI bridge, normally they come with motherboard, why is that so?? doesn't Nvidia make SLI bridge?? While on the other hand AMD has their CF bridge included with card

2) A question not really related to the bridge, when is Q2 2013?? and how can I know when is Q1,3,4??? People in my country don't use this term so I've no idea what's this. I'm asking this cause I wanna get the new SLI bridge from Nvidia,it looks so badass

http://www.geforce.com/Active/en_US/shared/images/articles/wallpaper/GTX-Titan-1920X1080-Wallpaper-1B.jpg ,

the admin of the geforce page said that it will be released in Q2 ,at comment section of one of the article/page,also how much do you guys think it'll cost?? compared it to normal SLI bridge sold by shop,if available
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