Upgrading from 8800GTS to 650

Hello Guys,

I've a pretty old computer with Intel Core 2 DUO E8400, Gigabyte mother board with x38 chipset and 4GB DDR II 800Mhz RAM (5 years ago)
My current GPU is Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 512MB and I was wondering if it will be worth to upgrade my GPU to GeForce 650 with 2GB RAM or GeForce 650 Ti with 2GB RAM

My questions are:
1. Will the Ti version give me better performance on my old machine or will it be enough to get the regular 650?
2. I'm also planning to get SSD for OS (inntead of HDD 7200RPM). Will it give me better performance in gaming or will it be better to spend that money for getting better GPU like 660 or 660Ti?
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  1. Best is gtx 650ti 1gb.it good upgrade for your cpu.
  2. ssd would only help on load times. Get the gpu's. Make sure your psu is good enough
  3. My PSU is good enoguh for it.

    so GTX660 is better than getting GTX650Ti + SSD?
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