Catalyst Drivers Change Display Card

Hi all, got a really weird problem I can't seem to fix.

I have a HP Laptop with a 7690M XT 2GB Card, and whenever I install the appropriate drivers ie Catalyst 13.1 it makes my computer think it is a '6700M Series'. Normally this wouldn't bother me except that when it is like this games don't run as well, some flat-out don't work, and every 30 minutes the display driver times out. I can uninstall these and use the Windows 7 drivers, but these aren't very good and have performance issues.

I've got no idea why it does this, I've completely uninstalled every driver including the default windows one, ran Driver Sweeper and then re-installed, it just does the same thing.

Help me out here please!

Ps I know my way around computers I've made a a few so I can take techno talk!
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  1. Have you tried installing older drivers ?
  2. Yep, all the way back to 11.1. Same thing happens


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