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Hey guys i was looking at the amd 7850 (im on a budget) and it is for 155 on tigerdirect, for the xfx core edition. is it worth shelling out anothr 25 dollors for the extra 1gb of ram to make it a 2gb card?
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  1. well if your going form a 7770, you might as well wait for 8xxx series
  2. lol but when will that be i havent heard anyhting from it, and they always relase there giant 600 dollaor cards as if every one want to *** there money on that lol
  3. you can go for a 8770, or then the 7xxx series will receive a price drop
  4. The 8xxx will not be out till the end of the year/q4 at the eariest according to AMD roadmap and AFAIK they are only releasing low end cards 7670/7730 until then

    Getting the extra gb of vram is useful as the 7850 can make use of it
  5. also i forgot to mention i dont go over 1980x1280
  6. Best price/perf card for that res would be the 7870xt

    7870xt > 7870ghz/7870 > 7850

    The 7850 2gb can handle 1080p though just fine at high settings and low AA or no AA and ultra settings
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