Alternative to VNC ?

I'm currently using VNC to remotly view my other computer.

Problem is that it starts lagging as soon as i start doing something a little bit too graphical. Even when i lower colors to something like 16bits it still lags a little bit.

I use this program a lot so it's annoying... I have a full gigabit network and two powerful computer so i don't understand why it's so laggy.

I was wondering if someone could suggest me a better alternative. I'd like to be able to remotly view/control my HTPC in full colors without lag.

It's just for LAN usage.
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  1. which OS and version of it do you use?
  2. Splashtop may be worth looking into.

    I use VNC myself and it does what I need it to do - but these splashtop people claim that you can play videogames and watch movies with their software over a decent internet connection... Stands to reason if that is true - should perform really well over a gigabit LAN.

    Good luck :D
  3. I use Windows 7 Pro with 1080p resolution

    Splashtop looks interessing. I'll try that !
  4. Have you tried using remote desktop or logmein?
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