GTX 660 Ti - Gigabyte or MSI


I have the option to buy one of the following graphic cards at the exact same discounted price:
MSI GTX 660Ti 2GB OC (NOT Power Edition)
Gigabyte GTX 660Ti 2GB Windforce2 (NOT Over Clocked)
Does it really matter which one I take? If it does, which do you believe to be better why?

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  1. MSI has better quality components and a better cooler on it, which would mean that you can overclock it more. I vote for MSI.
  2. Thanks!
  3. No problem ;)
  4. I might vote for gigabyte's one. Except lightning & hawk series, the performance of anther msi cards is just okay. check out the round-up review.
  5. there have been some issues with some MSI cards having dodgy circuitry leading to overvoltage of certain components and hardware failure, it affects 660ti and 670 cards. i would stay away from msi for the time being.
  6. they both are good cards. Have Gigabyte its good, gold.
  7. I had a Gigabyte MOBO and graphics card that served me for 6 years without a tick. I vote for Gigabyte.
  8. best 660ti editions are 1.gigabyte 2.asus 3.other manufacturer
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