Best company that makes HD radeon 7850?


I made a recent post for the best graphics card for £130 maybe £150. I was told that the HD radeon 7850 is the best.

Now i was wondering because many companies have made this card such as Sapphire, msi and such..

Are they all the same? Any differences? Best company who have made this card?

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  1. All perform same.choose from saphhire,gigabyte,asus
  2. The best companies I recommends Saphhire,Gigabyte,ASUS & MSI. Avoid Powercolor
  3. i recommend Gigabyte
  4. Ok thanks :) I saw a Generique HD radeon 7870 for £154.. Is it worth it? It's off pixmania
  5. Also is there a difference between a 1gb and 2gb? i saw a 1gb Asus hd radeon 7850 OC for £150+ and a 2gb Sapphire OC edition HD radeon 7850 for £134
  6. I recommend sapphire.. they have the best cooling solution for your 7850, for me. but its up to you..Asus is also good.
  7. I got the oc version from sapphire, totally worth it
  8. so keeman, what do you think?
  9. GUYS hold on, he said a gigabyte 7870 for 154, dont get a 7850 go for the 7870
  10. I said a Generique 7870, never really heard of them, got good reviews but i would prefer "quality" which is a Sapphire. I'm thinking the Sapphire 7850 2Gb GDDR5 OC edition.

    Thanks to everyone who has commented! Great help, ordering it now! See how it goes!

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