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Hd 4650 + my psu = boom?,2383-9.html

hd 4650 will boom my rig at 100% usage

my PSU is

and i have 1 HDD 80gb
1 DVD drive
2gb ddr2 ram
3usb plugged in
Builtin CPU speakers but dont use them
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  1. yea your psu has too little power for the 4650, get a better psu
  2. in load whole system takes 171 watts and card alone takes 55w in load how come is it less?
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    Don't worry, you'll be fine. The 4650 is made for PSUs like yours.
  4. u sure bro
    i have a little doubt after reading ur signature
  5. ? If you are talking about demon it relates to something else. Not even computer related.

    I'm sure. You have a half decent 365W PSU. The 4650 will be fine. (if you want to troll me however I'll be happy to stop replying;)
  6. no bro ty but also under heavy load my PSU be ok as my PSU is 2 years old now
  7. Yup.
  8. ok i am i am getting a used XFX hd 4650 and play like 3-4 moths and buy a whole new i5 or i7 rig ty bro
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