GPU for 1360x768- under $200

I have a Vizio LCD with a 1360x768 resolution.

For under $200, what GPU should I go for.

My current setup is...

CPU- Phenom x2 555
PSU- Thermaltake 750w 80 bronze
Mobo- Asus AM3 with 125w support
Ram- 4gb DDR3 dual 1600
SSD- 120gb OCZ Vertex 3
GPU- Radeon GT9500

If you need any more info, let me know.

Thanks in advance for the advise.
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  1. well, at such a low resolution, your computer is far more dependent on your cpu. at that resolution, and hd 7770 should suffice, but your games still might chug with that low end cpu
  2. So would an upgrade to a

    Phenom FX-6300
    8gb DDR 1600
    AM3+ 970 mobo
    & HD 7770

    Be a good uprade??
    NewEgg has a 7850 2ghz for $179.99 after mail in rebate of $30 this is buy far the most GPU you can get for your $200 budget.

    That would be a good budget system but if you are trying to stay on a budget of $200 you could just upgrade your cpu to a Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition for $84.99 and use the left over $$$ in you budget to get a HD 7770 card for $104 This way you can get the best performance at your budget.
  4. I guess a little background helps here.

    I'm doing a build for someone else (home computer) and splitting the cost to upgrade my own and giving them decent parts.

    If I get the HD 7770, I can afford the FX-6300
    If I get the 7850, I can afford the X4 965 BE

    With my current resolution and setup...which CPU is a better idea??

    Thanks again
  5. In some tests the phenom 2 cpus actually outperform the fx series and they are also still good for modern gaming. So I'd say the 7850 and the x4 965 be because the 7850 is way faster than the 7770.
  6. I agree go with the hd 7850 card and 965 black that would give you the most performance for gaming.
  7. Thanks for the help guys
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