Burnt my GTX 660 looking for a replacement

Basically due to some power line problem on my area, my 660 got burnt.. Looking to replace it but I do not have the budget to buy another 660 though..

I was leaning towards the GTX 650 Ti OC since I was always an nVidia user but I saw the 7850 which is about the same price and people tell me that it performs way better that the 650 Ti. Please advise. Thanks
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  1. I play Dragon Age II a lot and I'm looking forward to DA III. Skyrim and BF3
  2. The hd 7850 can almost match the performance of your burnt gtx 660 and it has a price in between the 650 ti and 660 plus you get a free game.
  3. get the 7850 over the 650ti for sure. I would assume if you had a power issue the psu would have also been burnt out. is the card visibly burnt out? maybe you should just send it back for a wrranty claim, i mean how do you know it is a power problem? and if it is, it should be the power companies problem to replace it, or claim on insurance?
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