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Gonna buy a new card , Considering gigabyte GTX 660 wind windforce , or MSI GTX 660 Hawk with twin frozr iv? playing on 1080p single monitor . Or i should consider other type?
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  1. The only difference is a maximum of a few degrees so choose the one that has the best reviews/warranty. They have the same clock speed, so performance will be even. The gigabyte is a bit cheaper at least on newegg, so I would probably choose that one. In the end, it is up to you, though.
  2. gigabyte's windforce one has better graphics cooler with bigger fans.
    I would pick gigabyte too..
  3. But the Gigabyte is more pricey then the msi in my country so would you recommend me buying msi instead?
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    If you have good cooling in your case and the msi is cheaper, I would go with that.
  5. They both provide good cooling solutions. I would go with the cheaper solution you won't see a performance difference between the two cards and if its cheaper save some money. So in the end +1 to MSI.
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