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Which is better?

Hello! I'm planning to buy a new gpu but the problem is I don't know which is better between the two: Nvidia GeForce Gtx 560 Ti or Nvidia GeForce Gtx 560 Sc? I will use it mainly for gaming if that would help.

So, which is which?
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    As you can see, the 560SC is a super clocked 560. It is still below the 560TI in performance.

    Maybe not the answer you are looking for. If you look here:,3107-7.html

    You can see the 560TI family is one notch below the Radeon 7850 family, which actually costs less. The 7850 starts at $165, while the 560TI starts at $180.,3107-3.html

    As you can see, the 7850 1GB is a best buy for the money.

    The 560 is an older technology chip that draws a lot of power and runs hot and noisy. If you want to stay with Nvidia, go with a 660, which starts at $210.
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  3. Well thank you good sir!
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