Which GPU should i get?

Hey there i recently bought a 1440p monitor and im struggling in the higher graphically demanding games like Crysis 3, farcry 3, Skyrim (modded), Bf3, PL2 etc.
My current system is;

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Phenom 965 BE 4ghz
4gb 1333mhz ram
1tb 7200rpm barracuda 64mb
Asrock 970 extreme 3
corsair builder series 600w C2
MSI twin frozr III 6950 2gb

So im looking into getting a new GPU in the next month or so and im not sure what to do. Maybe i should just wait till the AMD 8000 cards??
The main cards on my mind are 7950, 7970, 670.
I almost bought the 7950 but after more research im not sure its going to be enough uumph for 1440p gaming and it wont be long till i need another upgrade.
The 7970 would be great but the only problem with him is the price. ( my budget is about 300)
Today ive been looking at the GTX 670 and ive heard good things and it looks great with its high memory clock but it doesnt have 3gb vram which i really need for 1440p.

Any advice would be great and tell me about other cards if you can think of any.
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  1. 7950 is the best u can get at that price, I have the tf3 7950 and I love it though I'm only running 1080p Iplay fc3 maxed out on ultra but only 4xaa
  2. yer but will the 7950 keep me above 45fps in crysis 3 at 1440p? ill only use smaa x1 or x2 not msaa.
  3. You don't really need 3 gb for 1440p 2 gb is plenty.

    Only thing is your cpu will be a bottleneck if you get the best cards out there so you will have to upgrade that sooner or later too.

    a 7970 is around 300 so I dunno why its a problem.

    Therefore, I would just hold out on this one or upgrade your cpu + mobo instead.
  4. benjanini61 said:
    yer but will the 7950 keep me above 45fps in crysis 3 at 1440p? ill only use smaa x1 or x2 not msaa.

    Nope, the 7970 ghz can barely do that. On Ultra, the 7970 ghz can barely do 30 fps lol

    crysis 3 is going to make your pc cry.

    All the benchmarks mentioned above are using an i7 3930k btw. Your cpu will affect the framerates.
  5. ok so which card do you recommend, and ive only had that mobo for 1 week so im not upgrading that. But yes ill get a 6-8 core cpu eventually.

    Are you serious? in the beta i got 40+ fps with my 6950
  6. Do you think it would be a good idea to buy a new cpu then wait for the 8000 series cards??
  7. Im pretty sure my cpu wont bottleneck. Its at 4ghz
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