Looking for a good gaming card

Here is my computers specs


I have upgraded my psu to a corsair cx 500 and i just want to know what would be a good graphics card to handle
latest games on normal to good graphics with my current settings.

p.s. bout a $150 limit
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  1. For $150 you can get a 650ti or if there is a sale, even a 7850. Unfortunately your power supply can't handle either. So you should upgrade that psu before you buy a graphics card. With that cpu you may want to overclock or purchase a lower end card just to prevent bottlenecking.
  2. he has HP , they don't overclock - mostly , and 7850 on sale plus a psu is way out of a 150$.
  3. If OP has already upgraded to a CX 500, then OP should be fine with a Radeon 7850 or a GTX 650 Ti. I wouldn't go much farther in upgrades with that PSU unless it's a V3 model, but it should be fine with OP's current system and up to a Radeon 7870 or so for graphics (granted that would be out of OP's budget).
  4. I think the best option is getting a hd 7770, the psu can handle it and your cpu isn't going to bottleneck it. you can get a hd 7850 but your cpu might just bottleneck it
  5. That's a good point too. The Phenom II x2s aren't very fast CPUs.
  6. "That's a good point too. The Phenom II x2s aren't very fast CPUs"

    That's why I recommend 7770 for 120$, for this system is a ok choice.
    Has anyone bothered to read his specs?
  7. I wasn't making recommendations when I said what I said. I was simply correcting Norlag's response about the PSU.
  8. Okay guys i went and got this video card


    should keep me set for awhile?

    and thanks for all the feedback, for my next mission is to upgrade my cpu (not for awhile).
  9. Yeah, it's a decent card. It should work fine for a few years.
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