My AMD graphics card disappeared/isn't working

I have a weird problem.

Namely, my AMD graphics card has disappeared. This actually happened a while ago, but I didn't know enough about computers to actually realize it. My computer used to have switchable graphics - an Intel HD 3000 card as well as an AMD Radeon HD (I don't actually know which card it is, which is really annoying right now). My computer is an HP dv6 with Windows 7 and an Intel Core i7 processor.

One day, the sound on my computer cut out, and the next day the resolution on my computer dropped alarmingly. Eventually I figured out that these were caused because my drivers weren't updated. I downloaded DriverMax, updated the sound and video drivers, and was very proud of myself.

Since then, though, I have been getting messages from the Catalyst Control Center (every single time I turn on my computer) saying something like: "The Catalyst Control Center is not compatible with your current driver. Please update your driver or turn on your device adapter under the displays manager". I used to be able to use the CCC, but I can't now.

I can't do this, though, because the AMD driver ISN'T IN the displays manager. Only the Intel card is there. I have run GPU-X, I have used the scanning tool from the AMD website, but my computer still acts as if the AMD card is not there. It says that the Intel card is the only one, even though I used to be able to use the AMD one.

The only proof I have that the AMD card ever existed is the Radeon Graphics sticker on my laptop. I have no idea how to fix this issue. I'm also not entirely sure how badly it is impacting my system - according to other sources, I shouldn't be able to run any modern games at all with Intel 3000 graphics, but I have recently been playing Dishonored on medium settings (before I discovered this issue, but after the driver update). Is my computer still using the AMD card, even though it claims it doesn't exist?

Sorry about that wall of text. I hope someone can figure out what has happened to my computer - I'm just really frustrated that I ignored this problem for so long. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  1. go to the link of your laptop maker with the model and name you should be able to find the missing driver ,some of them have a utiliy tool .
  2. you sure no one stole your GPU? - :P joke BTW "Switchable graphics" you can change it through bios :) say change it from "Dynamic" to "static" or static to dynamic :) & download GPU Z to get your GFX's details :)
  3. Wow, the exact same thing here. All I see in the display adapters is Intel HD and VGA...
    Might go knocking on AMD's door (not literally :P )
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