Utorrent stopped working suddenly

Hi there,

my utorrent has suddenly stopped working.
it was working perfectly fine and i was able to download but now the light at the bottom right turns yellow saying "no incoming connections"

i am not naive and consider myself to have a decent understanding of comp but i am not able to understand y something like this has happened.

if there was a problem with port forwarding /firewall/router it shouldn't have worked fine for all these days..

few details;

OS: windows 7
utorrent: 3.0 (i checked with 2.2 also but same prblm)
antivirus: ESET NOD32
ISP: Virgin media

I am able to use the broadband properly for other purposes (normal browsing, downloading but its only the utorrent that is giving me problems

note: i have also installed and checked with other bit torrent client like Bit Torrent, FileGet but the problem still remains the same..

i have a 10mbps connection which was working fairly good.. i am getting a download speed of 10mbps but when it comes too utorrent.. its zero.

i have also tried turning off my firewall.

when i check my port through utorrent speed check,. it says that port is not forwarded but stil u can download..(which i was able to for these many months)

any help on this??

below are the links for the screenshots:


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  1. maybe your ISP has blocked torrent traffic
  2. Emerald said:
    maybe your ISP has blocked torrent traffic

    thanks for replying.. how would i know if my ISP has blocked the torrent traffic?

    i called them up and they told me evrything is fine at there end..

  3. the only way to find out is to google if other people using the same ISP are having the same problem.

    you ISP will probably not admit to it.

    have you tried from another computer?

    did you check the setting of your firewall or in your security program (if you are using Zonealarm, Norton, or similar software)
  4. one way to to know for sure is to plug in directly to the modem 1 PC that has no firewall software of any kind (or if ti does, make sure all of it is turned off and disabled)
    and then see if you can replicate this "no bittorent connectivity issue. If so... then you know your ISP is to blame. If everything works just fine, then something on your network locally is screwing you over. The best way to tell just what is again, process of elimination.
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