How do i remove flash player if is not showing up in add and remove programs win

I am unable to find adobe flash player on add and remove programs on win 7 64 bit can you help
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  1. For each of programs installed in your computer, there will be some uninstall entries in registry which are grouped under Uninstall folder. Therefore, you can identify the respective program easily by browsing through Uninstall list located in registry. Below are detail steps to teach you how to uninstall the program by using registry:

    1) Go to Start -> Run, then type regedit and press enter
    2) Locate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\currentversion\Uninstall, then expand the Uninstall list.
    3) Look for the program which you want to uninstall, then click on it
    4) On the right panel, double click on UninstallString and you will see the Edit String window pop up. Copy the value data.
    5) Go to Start -> Run, type cmd to bring up command prompt.
    6) Paste the UninstallString copied at step 4) and press enter to execute it. The uninstall screen will pop up to start the un-installation process.
  2. Adobe Flash Player is a browser plug-in, not a windows application.

    EDIT: My mistake. It does show up in add/remove programs....
  3. Adobe should be listed in the add/remove programs in Win7 in the control panel. They are listed in mine.
    Don't do a registry hack if you don't know what you are doing.
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