Want to go wireless with PC and printer

I'm in UK. I have a cable connection (Virgin), so can have internet connectivity all the time.

My modem is AMBIT model E08C013.00. It has both Ethernet and USB connections to PC. Currently I'm using the ethernet connection.

I have an ACER 5315 laptop with wireless card, and a tower, that presently connects to my modem via an ethernet cable.

I have a KYOCERA FS-1300D non-wireless printer.

I want both the laptop and the tower to connect wirelessly to the internet and to the printer. I believe that can be achieved by fixing a dongle or wireless card for the tower, the laptop already has a wireless card.

The printer will sit on a table somewhere in the room. I want the signal cable (USB) from the printer to connect to a device with an antenna, I don't want to lay wires anwhere beyond the printer table (except mains cable).

Anway, what about the hardware I need? And how do I connect it together? Thanks. Rich
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  1. I'm running XP Professional on the tower, and Vista Basic on the laptop.

    I see that the modem is connected to the internet cable.

    Wirelees router connected to the modem. Router has antenna.

    And you need wireless network adaptors on both the laptop and tower. USB adaptor for the tower, card-based adaptor for the laptop.

    Okay, got that much of the basic principles.

    As to the printer, not sure yet.
  2. I think for the printer I get a Print Server. This connects to the non-wireless printer via USB cable. It has an antenna on it and communicated with your PC/laptop.

    If anyone has any tips, or things to watch out for, please feel free to share. Thanks.
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