Monitor Resolution Issues for Windows 7 Upgrade

i recently upgraded my Dell Dimension 4600 from XP to windows 7...added extra memory and ram. But now the resolution on my monitor can only be set with High color settings, which only really displays about 5 colors. However, I can use True Color settings only in 800x600 resolution which is so big on the screen its pointless to even try to use. The monitor worked fine before I upgraded to Windows 7.
I downloaded all of the drivers for everything and everything seems to up to date. I even put XP back on and that didn't even work, so I thought I would try Windows 7 again and got the same results.
If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Do you have a discrete video card? If so, go to the video card manufacturer's web site and download the newest drivers for it. If it uses onboard video, go to dell's support site, find your system, and download the video drivers from there.

    If you have the latest drivers already, there may be a video setting that says something like "don't show resolutions my monitor doesn't support". Turn it on/off so that you can see the extra display modes and select the appropriate one for your monitor.
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