Gpu Bottleneck?

Will my 7770 bottleneck my q6600 in games like battlefield or crysis 3 ?
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  1. Neither is considered top of the line today.
    How well they do depends on YOUR standards.

    Since you seem to have both, why not try the games yourself and decide?

    If you find either the cpu or the gpu lacking, then make plans to change.
  2. no, thats a relatively light gpu, you could get away with a 7850 and still be ok.
  3. Going to want to overclock that CPU the max extent possible and not less than the 7850 for BF3 and C3, assuming a 1080p or better monitor.
  4. resolution is at 1680 by 1050
  5. Ehhh, I'd still lean toward OCing CPU and a 7850. Want to get a $35 air cooler before OCing if you don't have one.
  6. Make sure his PSU supports a 7850 first...
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