Asus gtx660, no signal

ok so again i need help this

Acer Predator AG3620-UR308

so previously i had switched the gt 630, placed the gtx 660 in the computer
started it up, everything is running, the little green led on the gtx 660 is lit
have hdmi plugged into, lcd tv is not picking up any signal


tried again.. put the gt 630 back in, hooray.. gawdforsaken win8 shows up
went into uefi options and disabled secure boot.. uninstalled the gt 630
restarted, win8 shows up, would not run the gtx 660 disk.. ok
turned the computer off, placed the gtx 660 back in the computer

again, no signal.. what to do??? y_y
this computer has tape over the integrated hdmi and vga, "disabled"
in fact the hdmi is filled with plastic.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. help
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  1. hi, have you plugged in the 6 pin power connecter to the rear of the GTX660?
  2. yes sir
    led light is active, green
    the fans are spinning
  3. did you use a converter to get the 6 pin power or does the power supply have a native 6 pin plug?

    what brand and spec is your psu?
  4. fsp500-70ep
    i just grabbed the first 6pin i saw, it runs off into another 6 pin
    and they have a black wired 2 pin plastic strapped to those
  5. Im having the same problem The only card that will work is the 630gt and I have tried 3 other cards can some one help
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