XFX 6850 Low FPS?

Good evening everybody,
Yesterday I installed a ATI Radeon 6850 by XFX. I installed it and got the drivers with no problem. Now, my games run a little faster then my MSI 4350.. I have both pci power connectors in the card, latest drivers, I tried older drivers too. GTA IV bench mark was at 21 fps. Counter strike global offensive runs at the same speed as before.

I have a 650watt psu
6 core 1045t at 800MHz, i turned off powernow. (This cpu is supposed to be at 2.7ghz a core at its lowest so if anyone knows the problem for this please let me know.)

And I still get very low fps.

please help
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  1. use Driversweeper in safe mode to uninstall all AMD/ati drivers. Then download and install only the newest ones.
  2. as a side note, using gta 4 is a bad indication of gamign performance, as its scaling from card to card is pretty terrible. It can still run bad on high end setups. Global offensive though would be irregular. what drivers are you currently using.
  3. Hey guys, it wasnt the card. My bios setting for my cpu was EXTREMELY low. it gets 57.32 fps on a bench mark. thanks for your help anyway guys

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