HI everyone

i have a problem with my display .......when i move in any game i see blurring or it called ghosting , i think that is be cuz my monitor's respons time is 5ms but i have seen monitors with 8 ms and they doesn't have that problem ! , any 1 have any idea ?
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  1. what kind of monitor do you have?
  2. LG D2342P
  3. 5ms shouldnt be causing this, could be a bad monitor, a quick google search shows others with the same problem but most people were complaining about the 3d performance.
  4. yes it sucks on 3d and i dont care i care only about this problem i hope its from the gpu not from the monitor
  5. Your saying you only get this in 3D or no?
  6. no that problem is not on 3d its all the time
  7. could be a bad monitor, why dont you contact lg for a replacement
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