Need a new gpu that runs well with AMD Athlon II X4 640

Hello i want to upgrade my gpu. I have 4gbs of ddr3 ram and AMD Athlon II X4 640 cpu and a 600 watt corsair so power is not a problem . Can someone please tell me whats a new gpu i could get that can run bf3 on at least high. (i dont need a gpu to run ultra i am fine with high or medium settings). A gpu were i can get more that 40 fps constant would be nice for bf3. I am only running on a single "21" monitor and not going to overclock. Please someone with experience could tell me that has this cpu.
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  1. This would work quite well assuming you are at 1080p. The 2GB of VRAM for the textures, it would probably be fine at Ultra too. Your CPU will bottleneck it a bit, but in games like BF3 that are very graphically demanding you'll have no problem. I would recommend you look into overclocking though, it's quite easy and your CPU wil perform much, much, better than it currently is:
  2. thanks man Im looking into it right now seriously gonna consider of buying it
  3. Good, that seems to be the cheapest one, but 7870's are pretty much the best bang-for-the-buck right now.
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