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Best graphic card for 300$

whats the best gaming graphic card i can get for 300$?
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  2. ^Those are good choices, though I'd avoid the Gigabyte 660ti; I've had some experience with the brand, and they seem to be better at making AMD cards than then at NVidia.

    That being said, I'd probably go with the Sapphire 7950, as long as you're willing to overclock. The headroom on that card is just incredible.
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  4. i think im gonna go with 7950
  5. get the gigabyte 7950 windforce 3. I just went through about every 7950 out there and RMA'd them all due to overheating or poor performance. The Gigabyte 7950 is the coolest, quiest and best performing out of the several cards I tried. The Power Color 7870LE is good too. It's about $60 less than a 7950 but runs on the same platform and has almost identical FPS
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