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I've been looking at buying this, and I have a question for anyone who happens to have it. Besides hooking up my PS2 up to my monitor, I'm also very interested in hooking up my computer speakers to it. I've seen pictures of the back with only 1 audio out though, so is it even possible to have surround sound? My speakers (the same for any 5.1 comp system) has a standard line in, and a surround line in.

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  1. Anyone?

    How would I hook up a 5.1 speaker system to say a PS2 with this?

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  2. has a ton of useful adapters/splitters/etc that could be of some help. As for stereo->5.1, your receiver will have to be capable of decoding that signal, otherwise it can only simulate. Just get you a Y-Cable/adapter. Even if you don't get the pretty 3-D hummers, it will still sound great coming out of all those speakers.

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  3. I got my gamecube hooked up with the LeadTech win tv2000
    and let the audio cable go into my audigy and it works great.
    lil down point is that the cable came with winTV was too
    short, so that a expention cable is needed.
    the other thing is that the picture is great but due to the
    resolution of the system was designed for TV so even using S-video
    in isn't perfect to see on monitor(if u campair with RTCW etc..).
    I dont have a VB50HRTV so dunno how well it perform, but
    I am happy with my winTV2000, it's $69(w/o s/h)on newegg
    compair the $99 VB50HRTV. you are able to program and
    record tv programs with winTV2000, even though you have to
    have your computer on to be able to do anything..but, who
    cares. IMO a tv tuner card is more worth then the VB50HRTV

    BTW get gamecube and try the Resident Evil remake on GC
    I got my import Biohazard for $60 and i say it worth any
    penny.. 30%+ diffence between the new one and PSone.
    Not to mention the graphic, strongly reconmmand play at
    day time!! =P

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