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Hi everyone,

Before I get into my topic, this is my first post ever so I do apologize if I am in the wrong section, but this seems somewhat relevant to what my issues are below.

My father has recently purchased a new TV which sits in his lounge room, which has networking options via Ethernet or USB, as well as 5 HDMI ports.
He also has his PC, which specifically is your basic Acer desktop, which runs Windows 7 home basic, has an HDMI port, barely anything on it except his iTunes library and such. He uses it primarily for YouTube, as he has his own account there and loves nothing more than sitting down on the weekend at night and browsing through videos (mainly songs) and creating his own playlists. He asked me is there any way to connect his PC up to his TV so he could see his computer screen as he does when he's directly on his PC, but on his TV. He also wants to be able to use a wireless keyboard and mouse so he can sit down on the couch and browse through them.
Essentially, he just wants to extend his display to his TV.

There is one way I know of which is to run a long HDMI cable underneath the house along with a USB extension cable to pop up just behind the TV to directly connect the two devices, so the Video/Audio runs through the HDMI and the USB cable would be so he could plug a wireless dongle for a keyboard & mouse, simply because the two devices are in rooms far apart, so I doubt the range of the wireless keyboard & mouse would reach if I were to plug the dongle into the computer itself.

This idea isn't bad, but I was hoping there may be some kind of device to act as a middle man to do this all 'wirelessly'.

Does anybody know of any other ways of connecting the two?

Thank you for reading
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  1. what is the distance between the TV and the PC?

    the max length for USB is 20ft; however, you could use USB over Ethernet cable which has a max length of 50 meters (about 150ft).

    I usually would not go past 15ft on the HDMI

    You could do 50ft if you use a HDMI 1.4 cable but those are about $50+.

    anything past that you might want to look at HDMI over CAT6.

    anyhow you are looking easily at $150+ project
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