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I know that workstation gpu's such as the Nvidia Quadrant series are for 3D design and CAD.

After you do the designing would you bring the data into a regular computer with a good gpu to do the skinning? I am learning about this.
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    Nvidia Quadro, and AMD FirePro cards have been designed with workstations in mind, so yes they are made for CAD. I don't do too much CAD (I mainly use Sketchup with Maxwell plugin for rendering) but I had a Quadro 600 and it met all my needs at the time (although its an entry level workstation card). I don't know what you mean by "bring the data into a regular computer with a good gpu", as the Quadro GPU's were designed with CAD in mind (so they are "good" for it) and should handle it without requiring another another pc with a different GPU.

    Hope this clarifies things!
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