Trying to Upgrade my computer.

I have a Dell XPS 8500 series pc, and im loving it so far. But i wanted to upgrade the graphics card because i want to run my games smoother. I found a graphics card i really like. It is the GTX 660. On nvidia's website they said the minimum power supply needed is a 450W and my stock psu is 460W would i be able to run it without any problems?
i7 3770 3.4 GHZ
12 gb of GDDR3 ram
Nvidia GT 640 graphics
2 tb 7200 RPM hdd
one optical drive
front card reader
460w psu

Also the gtx 660 would fit in my micro atx motherboard right? My case seems to be able to clear the card
Please help
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  1. It'll fit, that's not the issue though. You want a decent PSU for a card like that, and I doubt that 460w PSU will last very long under such strain. I would highly recommend upgrading the PSU too.
  2. waste of time and Money because contact dell Custamer care before upgrade if u r bios not accept that card no way to use that card its a great disadvantage in branded items. or you may give some Money to dell for unlock the bios. ^1 change psu.
  3. I have a similar dell computer, its a 7100 xps, and it has the same 460w psu. I just got my gtx 660 ti ($230 on newegg + $150 f2p games :) and its working fine. I'm going to order a new psu for peace of mind, but it isnt that bad.
    Also, how come you're going on the nvidia boat? I'm only on it for my video editing software (adobe cs6) which only supports gpu acceleration from nvidia. Otherwise, the 7870 and other amd cards are much better for your $.
  4. You might also want to get a new mobo, if you're still running a stock/oem dell mobo
  5. get a better psu, for your peace of mind and future upgrades.

    i like choosing parts myself, gives you all the freedom.
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