Struggling to record some gameplay

Using FRAPS to record games like Black Ops 2 and Arkham City at 60fps, full size my in game frame rate is stable 60fps. But in more demanding games like Crysis 3 it can drop to about 30fps making the video unwatchable. So my question is when recording games directly to my HDD is it just stressing the CPU or does it also affect the GPU too. Figured I'd come here to ask so anyone else with the same problem would have some where to look. Thanks for any help
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  1. Sometimes when I got to watch the video after the game is done it will be a still picture of the start of game for 2 or 3 min then another still of later in the game
  2. i use msi afterburner and it works. sure it drops down to 30fps (that is the default i think, havent tinkered with it). i posted it to youtube and its fine.

    it eats a lot of space though, then i just convert it. recorded bf3 MP at ultra settings.
  3. I have FRAPS set for 60 fps and it syncs the games frame rate to your record rate. I tried afterburner and it would say it was recording but it was always a black screen
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