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Upgrading from GTX 570 1GB?


I have a GTX 570 1GB and I would like to upgrade to a newer card with 2gb at least. What isa good card for such upgrade under $300?

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  2. Also whats your rig looking like? PSU? CPU?
  3. helper800, thanks for your reply. These look good.

    I have an Intel i7-3930k @4.2 32gb
  4. i agree 7950 or 660ti is the way to go. they trade blows depending on the game, so it might be best to figure out which games your playing and read a few reviews to see which card would be best for you.
  5. I enjoy my 7950 myself. Make sure you have at least a 500 watt PSU for those GPU's.
  6. Hi

    Thanks all it seems like we have some good candidates.
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