Nvidia geforce go 6800 ultra control panel is gone windows xp

Running dell inspiron xps gen 2, updated display adapter from ver: to
ver: and nvidia control panel has no files. Restored = nil,
uninstalled drive and re-installed older ver and nil. Nvidia control pnl icon still in
windows xp3 control panel, thats it. Cannot find a download for that control.
Hope this is not a stupid question!!
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  1. "updated display adapter from ver: to ver:"

    From v7 to v6 is not an update (maybe you typed them the wrong way around?).

    The nVidia Control Panel is included with the driver package which you should download only from Dell, specific to your country and laptop model. These drivers are custom-made for Dell hardware, whereas the drivers available direct from nVidia are not.

    I suggest you make a clean start by uninstalling your existing nVidia driver, then downloading and installing the driver package from Dell.

    For the United States, drivers are here: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/Product/inspiron-xps-gen2

    For the United Kingdom, here: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/uk/en/19/Product/inspiron-xps-gen2

    For any other country, just click the country name at top-left of page to activate a list.

    If you've already been getting your video driver from Dell, my apologies. But do try starting with a "clean sheet" by uninstalling all nVidia software/drivers and downloading a fresh driver package from Dell.
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