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Graphic Card for HDTV

I'm currently building my first gaming rig. so far these are my specs:
ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155
Intel i7 3770k Quad core CPU
32GB of 2000 ( or 2400) RAM
Two 2560x1600 30in monitors

Now, my goal is to run Skyrim on Ultra settings with about 100 graphic mods running at once (Yes, I did get this from that one guy who posted those screen shots). However, I'd like to be able to run the game with a minimum of 45FPS (30 is acceptable). I won't be running it on my monitors however, I'll be running it on my 1080p HDTV, so I want to know which of these graphics cards would be best, and which of the sets of cards would get the job done cheapest, if possible.

Dual Radeon HD 7970 GHz edition
Dual Radeon HD 7970
Dual GTX 680s
GeForce GTX 690
Radeon HD 7990

I was actually planning on running Quad SLI with the GTX 690s, but i'm hoping that's overkill.
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  1. Thats way over kill lol, I would go with a pair of 7970's. Do you need 32gb of ram?? Thats WAY overkill for just gaming!!
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    2560x1600 screens?

    Best & most expensive = 690
    Recommended = 2x 7970 non-GHz and overclock them (or 2x 680s which will be around $200 more expensive and almost 690 price range.)

    Suggested: Look at the new Geforce Titan, 6GB of video memory and almost 690 performance, but again, same price as 690 if not more.

    The main issue with the 690 is the 2GB of memory per GPU. Yes they say 4GB on the box, but that is 2x 2GB and when SLI, you are limited to 2GB.
  3. Get yourself a GTX 690 or maybe TITAN (but check for compatibility with mobo)
  4. I'm getting 32GB of RAM just in case... Not sure what I'll use it for, but hell, might as well since my mobo supports it. I'll probably only have 8gigs until I can afford the 2400 8gb ram sticks. I'm focusing on a graphics card now.

    But as far as playing skyrim with 100 graphics mods go, you guys are recommending a titan/690 or dual 7970's? What's the benefit of not getting the GHz addition?
  5. The Ghz edition is clocked at 1000mhz or higher. A regular 7970 will more than likely oc as high as the ghz edition. I would personaly go with the 2 7970.
  6. Does the GHz edition not oc?
  7. of the choices, eliminate the 690. will definately not have enough vram for several skyrim mods at once. skyrim with loads of mods can easily go past 2gb already. All of the other choices are fine enough though. value wise, the 2 7970 in xfire will have the best price/performance of the bunch most likely, where the Gtx Titan will have the smoothest experience, as it doesnt have the added hassle of sli/crossfire setups.
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