so i just bought a hd xfx radeon 7850 from tigerdirect. and its suppose to come with tomb raider and bioshock how do i redeem those games?? thanks
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  1. either the codes are on papers in the box or you need to register cards at xfx's site and maybe you can redeem codes?......

    or, if things don't pan out, call and/or e-mail tigerdirect.

    let us know what happens.
  2. i already register the cards but nothing really happened then i searched it in xfx websites in the (PROMOTIONS) aisle. The games are not even listed. My theory is maybe we have to wait till it comes out and then give us the code but im not really sure. and its already 11 pm in here too late to call them too
  3. tigerdirects codes come, assuming if TD is part of the promotion, should be in the email. that is how i got my friends Assassins creed 3 promotion. You have to be sure that TD was doing the promotion, as not all companies follow all promotions.
  4. i think maybe we have to get it form xfx now tigerdirect. i think xfx is doing the promotion.
  5. maranthony92 said:
    i think maybe we have to get it form xfx now tigerdirect. i think xfx is doing the promotion.

    its usually not the card manufacture who does the program, the retailer gets a bunch of codes from amd or nvidia to more or less hand out. If it was anything like my situation, the code will eventually come up through the email address you use to buy the stuff with on tiger direct.
  6. yeah i never got mine at all i bought it today
  7. I got mine in form of coupon inside the box.. (from 7870)

    In the coupon there was a redeem code for downloading the game online....

    Not know if it different with TD or XFX...
  8. Okay i figured it out guy. I was right they willl give me the codes when the game comes out . Thank you for yur advices!
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