How can I maintain 60+ fps these days?

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This summer BUDGET RANGE: None really but under $600 is ideal

USAGE: Strictly gaming: I would like to play most of the common popular titles out currently such as the crysis series, metro 2033, First person shooters ect.

cpu: 3570k @ 4.5 ghz
mobo: gigabyte sniper 3 E-ATX board
memory: corsair vengence 1600 mhz 16gb
psu: ax1000

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg, amazon, or ncix. (Best price, deal, or warranty)

PARTS PREFERENCES: I am cool with nvidia or amd. Preferably a well know manufacturer ( not stuff like power color or diamond )



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I am finding it hard to get straight sources and good benchmarks to decide what the best solution is these days to get a solid 60 fps on nearly every game you throw at a graphics card at 1080p. I have considered these solutions: 660ti sli (2) | gtx 670 ftw 2gb | gtx 680 msi lightning | 7970 ghz
( Other recommendations are welcome ) I am really unsure what to choose. Money is not really an issue, but I'm trying to decide what I should buy that will keep me comfortable at 60+ fps for a while, but within a reasonable price. I am trying to tide myself over until higher resolution monitors become more common because i had originally wanted to have a 1440p monitor, but looking at some benchmarks, I would need something like an ares II to keep me above 60 in all titles. I figure that once high res is more common, games will be better optimized and I wont need to spend $1000+ dollars on a graphics card solution to achieve that. Anyways, all I want is to be able to run things like crysis 2 or skyrim at highest settings and have a nice cushion so that I can run fraps with it at around 60 fps. I realize that there are some bears out there like crysis, crysis 3, metro 2033, and far cry 3 that are much harder to max. I don't expect the card to handle those at 60, but with a good 45+. I realize that the 660ti sli would have the most power ( I think ), but I am worried about sli and know that it can be quirky at times. It also has a smaller memory bus, which I am worried will make it less future proof. I also am quite fond of the game bundle with the 7970 fyi. ( As a side note, this is not too important, but I would prefer if the card is green or a neutral such as gray or black. Yellow or blue is ok too, but i would prefer if the card is not red because my set up will be all green. Christmas theme is not my favorite. Not crucial, but it would help my color scheme ocd )
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  1. GTX 680 Lightning..
  2. Hold on a minute, clarify two things for us... 1) are you planning to build now or in the summer as you initially state? 2) is your budget $600 or "money is not really an issue"?

    If you want to build in the summer, wait until the summer to ask. Prices will definitely change by then and new products may be out that completely change your approach.
  3. the easiest way is keep the resolution low and use cards that a bit 'overkill' for that res (just make sure the cpu don't cause bottleneck). since you intended to use 1080p monitor then 7970 or 670 might good enough for you though there are no assurance for you to get solid 60 plus for upcoming games. if you dont mind going multi gpu solution then you want to go that route as well. btw even GTX titan cry in crysis 3 @ 1080p
  4. i can't read all of that but if you lower your resolution to 1024x768 you shouldn't have a problem.
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