Samsung 173P and 172x

The Samsung 173P 17" LCD monitor looks great and has great specs !

Does anybody has got some news about its release date ? Available somewhere ? What price ?

Announced in September for beginning October, since then does not find any news :

<A HREF=",aid,112529,00.asp" target="_new">,aid,112529,00.asp</A>

And what about the 172x ?

By the way, hello everybody, my first post here !! :)
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  1. Any news for the 173p or 172x ?

    Think I'm definitely waiting for the 173p, 16ms (if true) and 180° viewing angles both directions is great !! :) !

    But when ..... :( ?
  2. Is this the next big thing from Samsung? I keep on hearing about it. Is it digital and is there a link so I can check the specs? Thanks
  3. Here is a link but in german:

    Sometimes listed 16ms, sometimes 25, but allways 178° viewing angle both vertical and horizontal
  4. Someone on the HardOCP forums emailed the other day about this monitor and recieved a reply that it will indeed be a 25ms panel. Too bad, was hoping it would be 16ms. Im ordering the Q17 instead.
  5. A review of the new 17" LCDs just got published on french version of tom's hardware (guess will be translated soon), and TOO BAD, the 172x apparently is a piece of [-peep-] ! :frown:

    The worst one in terms of ghosting (remanence) for games and movies !! :( :(
  6. "The worst one in terms of ghosting (remanence) for games and movies !!"

    What was the best one?
  7. How would you value the importance of viewing angle? I have noticed some LCDM only offer 140 degree (The one I have is BenQ FP747) but very good image quality. I know 178 >140 but I am wandering why spend more for thing I don't know how to enjoy. Can someone advise the advantage, except bigger number, of wider viewing angle?
  8. Best one the Hercules pro DVI with a HyDis panel (new name of Hyundai panels), also the NEC LCD71VM with the new 16ms LG-Philips panel is good (the LG 1720P is not part of the test).

    About viewing angles, I use mostly a laptop these days, and when I watch DVDs or videos on it, it's a pain to be allways in the right angle. Would like to be able to watch DVD on my new display even if not in the perfect angle (like laid back in the couch :smile: )

    It also help when several people look at the screen
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