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is anyone out here interested in formula one? if so, discuss anything you want about f1, who do you think will win this years' WDC title? and also who are you fav drivers in F1? mine are : Ayrton Senna, M.Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, K. Raikkonen, D.Coulthard.
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  1. Mika Hakkinen
  2. Yeah big on Formula one, big Fernando Alonso fan so very tense is all I can say.
  3. Mark Webber
  4. I like racing.Micheal schumacher is still quite good,though his comeback stats won't say so.But he was actually very good in 2012 and was laid down by the unreliability and other issues in the car and also by Romain Grosjean
    in two occasions.I have watched a lot of old racing videos.Ayrton was something I have to say though I was too young when he died.With manual gears and very less downforce driving in old days was different.Ayrton could dance over the track.One has to see his qualifying laps to know what I am talking about.Both Ayrton and Michael were ruthless to win.Both were very good defenders which is what a good racer should have.

    Many would say that Michael schumacher had the benefit of team orders and all that and specially about the Austrian GP 2002.But if anybody who has seen the race he would know that it was totally a Ferrari's decision.
    Not a good decision though.Michael didn't demand it which was evident in the podium and also through the press conference.He had to obey the decision by ferrari.He did his bit by letting Barichello win the US GP later.
    Coming to Fernando Alonso,he was ordering Ferrari for Massa to make way for him in German GP 2010.It has been evident through telemetry.This is no way good from racing point of view.Even at US GP 2012,ferrari changed gearbox of Massa so that he gets a 5-place penalty and thus Alonso who qualified behind Massa moves up the grid.Though the Ferrari was not very good at the beginning of the season the qualifying but it still had very good race pace and didn't have any major reliability issues.
  5. I'm getting into Formula One. I always loved watching it, just never got into knowing the titles and racers.
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