How can I maintain 60+ fps these days?

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This summer BUDGET RANGE: none really, but preferably under $600

USAGE: Gaming on popular titles like the crysis series, metro 2033, first person shooters ect.


cpu: 3570k @ 4.5 ghz
mobo: Gigabyte Sniper 3 E-ATX board
memory: Corsair vengence 1600mhz 16gb
psu: ax1000

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg, amazon, or ncix ( whichever has the best price, deals, or warranty ) COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States

PARTS PREFERENCES: I'm cool with both amd and nvidia ( Manufacture must be well know ex. not power color or diamond )



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Having a hard time deciding what is withing a reasonable price to get 60+ fps on most popular titles. I am fine with sli, but am somewhat unsure because I know that it can be quirky with some games. I also realize that some games are bears to max such as crysis, crysis 3, metro 2033 and far cry 3. I dont expect to be able to have constant 60 fps on those titles, but a good 45+ is what i would like. (Max settings with about 4x AA ). I have looked at 660ti sli (2) | gtx 670 ftw | gtx 680 lightning | and 7970 ghz | I want an answer that is unbiased and can tell me what is a good buy and should tide me over with a decent cushion in most games so that I can run it with fraps at 60 fps until more mid-level to high end cards can handle 1440p and you dont need to spend $1000+ on things like the ares II to have constant 60+ at that resolution. The quieter and cooler the better.
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  1. two 660ti's or a 7970ghz would be your best choice, the 660ti sli would perform the best out of those choices, however sli may not be fun, and would be more expensive. if you were planning on upgrading to a 1440p monitor and want to play crysis and metro maxed out, the id suggest either three way 660ti's (toms reviewed this setup and it performed very well) or crossfired 7970ghz

    p.s. powercolor is a well known brand and actually makes some good stuff
  2. I looked at that 7970, but the reviews for it were quite scary. Nearly half the people said it was doa, coil whine, made the pcb sag because it was too heavy, or died in a month. If i went with the 7970 approach i'd probably go with a different brand imo. And yea I realized that powercolor is not that uncommon, i just wanted to make sure people knew I was looking for manufacturers like asus, xfx, evga, msi, etc. I am really wanting to go to 1440p but i am worried about the fact that the 7970 ghz cf or the 3 way 660ti will only be on par with todays games will drop down in a matter of months. That would kinda render my $1000 graphics useless for the future. I feel like I should just stick with the 1080p until higher res is a standard. btw would a 670 ftw sli hold its own for a while?
  3. i also dont know much about powercolor, and because of that i dont trust them. but i gave it a try, i bought 6870 for my younger brother because it was cheap (same price with a 7770). and its been running fine for a few months now.

    also, this is the first time i bought from Inno3d, a GPU that is somewhat high end, a 670 ichill. runs cool, 49-50 most of the time while running bf3 on ultra (multiplayer).

    but of course, buying the brand you trust is your decision.
  4. ncix compared the titan to other cards (including 7970) for accoustics. and 7970 is like a jet engine. not sure if it is the same with the others though, just saying
  5. ncix compared the titan to other cards (including 7970) for accoustics. and 7970 is like a jet engine. not sure if it is the same with the others though, just saying
  6. Yea I've watched all of Linus' videos on the titan. The 7970 was quite loud, but that was a reference card. Some of the other cards like the 7970 lightning are much more quiet
  7. I don't know why people considering Titan, it much better go with 670 or step up to 7970 (680)..... (price wise)

    7970 loud because it using reference cooler, (people likely buy them to install their custom cooler or using water block)

    I'm vote for 7970
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