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Monitor and GPU under $275?

Hello Techies :hello:

I am building a PC for a friend and have chosen all my parts except the Graphics card and the monitor. Although Gaming isn't his main goal he will game from time to time the main thing is pictures, internet, facebook sh$t, some limited home video of the twins and so forth. Graphics cards are possibly the most frequently updated and most debated thing in the gaming world, NVIDIA/Radeon and so forth I just don't have the time, I go with the spend $300 and you'll get a good card odds being. I was thinking about these let me know your opinions and suggestions, should I spent less on the monitor and more on the GPU or visa versa?

The monitor I Think the ASUS VE247H Black 23.6" I realize this is an open box product but I have had very good luck with this and refurbished from Newegg.

The GPU I was looking at ASUS GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) I realize this is a mediocre card at best but he doesn't plan on gaming much he has twins that are 4 God help him.

Basically What I'm asking is what is the best combination of monitor and graphics card I can purchase for under $275, brands I don't care, format I don't care NVIDIA/Radeon, same goes for the monitor best combo wins less on the monitor more on the card whatever works but whats the best combo to stay in the monetary restraints? Thanks in advance because answers are always great here at Tom's.
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    That monitor should be fine. As for the GPU, you are better off getting an AMD 7770/7850
    124.00 after rebate.
    it a lot faster card for only a little more money. the other cards are the 7770 ghz cards for 104.00 on new egg.
  3. I went with this one for $109.
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