HD 7970 Noticable?


Is the Amd Radeon HD 7970, VERY loud..? so like you can hear the thing outside the room, or in a other room.

If you just started up the pc, and start up a game like; Minecraft, DayZ, Battlefield3, is it loud right away?

And what kinda noise, does it make a very loud blowing noise? or some badass sound??

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  1. From past experience I've discovered that the standard XFX Radeon (A friends 7850) cards tend to get loud quite fast, you'll find the same with alot of the high end cards when placed under heavy load. Some will manage better than others of course, and it might be worth reading reviews of the card before you buy if noise is going to really be an issue for you.

    I just purchased an MSI TwinFrozr 3 7950 and It's pretty loud above 3500-4000 RPM.

    Battlefield 3 has always favored Nvidia and will probably be your biggest issue on that list for being loud, when the GPU comes under heavy load it can get pretty noisy, but again it depends which 7970 you buy.

    Hope I've helped in some way,


    Oh, and to be honest, it' no badass sound. You'd get a loud fan (Air) noise and potentially some case vibrations if your case isn't well damped.
  2. Well, we cant really answer that question for you. Its very much dependent on which 7970 you buy.
    Reviews for different cards always have a noise tests on them, do you can figure it out that way,
  3. Im getting this one:

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 (3072 MB GDDR5 - DX 11)

    Any experience with that one??
  4. No, because from the sounds of it your getting a purely reference card straight from AMD, which only happens if your a manufacturer.

    Any other brand names, Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI, Sapphire?
  5. How 'bout a link to the card's page from the store you're buying instead?
  6. I'm dutch, its a Dutch site, im 100% sure you can't read a thing :P..

    @ purely reference card straight from AMD.

    What you mean by that, meaning its really bad?
  7. Chrome has an inbuilt translation tool, plus all the brand names will be in English anyway.

    Not bad, most cards at launch are just reference models with a new sticker on it, just we need the info on what model it is before we can answer the question.
  8. There isn't really a description, about the card.
    Only that its a High-end, Graphics card from AMD.

    Im trying, to get some information on the internet, stay tuned.
  9. If it's a reference card straight from AMD, then noise benchmarks you find would be most accurate since that's what they use.

    From Tom's 2011:

    I would say 46.5dB is a bit high, but it won't be loud enough to be heard across the other room.
  10. EDIT: I swear this double-post "bug" is getting in my nerves.
  11. Ooh, nice benchmark! thanks for that. :)

    Im not sure maybe a Asus. but im not sure.. i think i will find out when it arrives wednesday.
  12. What they mean by Idle??
  13. Idle: when its not doing anything.
    So if you were just watching a movie or browsing, GPU isnt working so it doesnt need the fan to spin as hard to keep it cool.
  14. is 42,5 DB, loud when idle?
  15. I would say yes.
    This will give you a rough idea on how loud it is.

    Though those noise tests could be done on an open test bench, with no solid metal case around it to dampen noise. The mic could be 20cm from the card, while you could be sitting further than a meter away.
    So dont stress too much if its too loud on paper, might be different when you use it.
  16. Or... you can just get a 7970 with a good custom cooler. Really, the only reason I can ever see for me to get a reference model is if I have a custom water cooling setup.
  17. So its this one:

    Normal conversation at 3' 60-65dB

    I can get a GTX 670, for only 10,- more.. is that worth or is the 7970 beter?

    Btw, this is my rig:

    Intel Core i5 3570K Ivy Bridge (4x 3400 MHz Unlocked!) Quad Core

    AMD RADEON HD 7970.

    MSI Z77A-G43

    8GB DDR3 1333Mhz 2x 4GB (Dual Channel)

    500 GB hard drive
  18. excella1221 said:
    Or... you can just get a 7970 with a good custom cooler. Really, the only reason I can ever see for me to get a reference model is if I have a custom water cooling setup.

    Im getting the Scythe katana 4, as a Fan in me computer.
    Does that fan cools my graphics card aswell??

    And maybe, i just leave the case open, so the air can flow easily.
    aannd, maybe i just put my fan, which i use to cool my room, i just put it at my computer, and let it blow all of it :ange:
  19. Between the two, would go for the 7970. Overclocks much better and with the Catalyst 12.11 updates, performs better at stock to begin with.
  20. People are saying, that it get's loud when the Graphics card get hot.
    They say i need a good air flow, in the case or something..

    What if i just open my case, then there will be enough air.?
  21. Katana 4 is a CPU cooler. :P

    Your reference 7970 would look a lot like this,

    A non-reference, custom cooler from Gigabyte would look like this,

    The latter would have relatively lower temps and should be significantly quieter.

    Leaving your case open would invite dust more than it would keep your card cool.
  22. I really like the look of that Red-black card. :D
    What if i just take a Fan, which i use to cool my room ,and put it at my pc. would that help aswell to keep the thing cool?
  23. It would... but like I said, dust will be collected a lot more often than it should, and it seems a bit impractical. :P
  24. Nope, more airflow beyond a point doesn't help cooling performance. Then it comes down to the actual heatsink on the card and how well it dissipates heat.
    All the case airflow does is give the card fresh air to work with and get rid of hot air, it doesn't cool the card itself.

    What case are you using? If its a decent enough case, the fans that come at stock should be sufficient.
  25. I can get 2 one for free:

    •Lian Li PC-60FN (without window )

    •Corsair Carbide 300R Window
  26. Of the two, would go for the 300R. The Lian Li looks a bit basic IMO, not that many features.
  27. Oh my god, yes i take the 300R i can see the inside <3
  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJKIO-a-GOU

    He says there is enough air flow. :D
  29. I have a 7950 Gigabyte Windforce. I guess there must be 7970 also. It is extremely quiet! I am very pleased. Fan never goes above 50% use and still the temps are low. I run Furmark and I think it stabilized around 61 C after 5 minutes. But the most important is that it is quiet during my Milkeyway@home (BOINC) calculations that runs on the GPU (up to 100% use). I have that going all the time when I'm logged on (and not gaming) and nobody in the family is complaining.

    I recently bought a Fractal Design Define R4 case and this is when I run the built in fans on 7 V (from built in fan controller) and added a 12 cm Noctua fan in the bottom (also on same fan controller). And that case is also very nice at keeping the noise inside. I also added my custom made hard disk bay where the disks are hung in rubber wires. That last is what made it overall very silent!

    Anyway, i would say, if it isn't to late for you - go for a non reference cooler!
  30. Are there already fans in the 7970 which keep it cool?? . And is it one or 2? ( fans )
  31. My post above shows you how many fans there are on the reference and non-reference Gigabyte card.
  32. OI

    I got the brand, its the: HD 7970 XFX Double dissipation!
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