2 wireless routers - wired or no wired in-between?

I have gone through many various websites & forum posts about two wireless routers that connect to one internet service. It hasn't answer to my question I'm trying to figure it out.

My roommate have a wireless router as "router A" that connect to phone jack plugged in the back of router A and an ethernet cable connect to a PC. He's using Verizon wireless router as a modem.

I have a wireless router as "router B", I'm pretty sure know how to configure but the question is...

1) if router A is in a living room, can I put router B somewhere else without ethernet cable or is it must be completely wired between two wireless routers?

2) Can I set up my own SSID/password (wireless security) and enable firewall on router B?

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  1. 1) depending on what kind of router router B is, it can upgraded to work as a AP Client or Bridge Repeater.

    2) you own SSID/password yes; however, the firewall only with reconfiguration of the router ports in AP Client mode
  2. I will get this as router B

    Netgear N600 wireless router
  3. that router can use he DD-WRT firmware


    to set it up as a Bridge Repeater (wifi connection to main router; second SSID and LAN ports, same network):


    to set it up in Client mode (wifi connection to main router; LAN ports only, no wifi, own separate network)


    you will not be able to connect wirelessly to the main router, have your own SSID, and have a firewall/own network. you can only have two out of three
  4. Emerald said:
    that router can use he DD-WRT firmware


    When I looked at WNDR3400 file on dd-wrt site, there's nothing listed. Is there something I'm missing?

    I'm trying to understand the definition of same/separate network. :??:
  5. same network means that it will use IPs from the main router's DHCP and will be able to see devices connected to the main router.

    separate network means that it will connect to the main router but uses the firewall and DHCP in your router to create a separate network so your devices cannot be seen from the main router.

    check on the DD-WRT forum. there might be a new version of that router that they are still working on. I did not have time to read through it.

    when you search the database and click on the device, in the next screen it says other downloads, when clicking on that it shows files.
  6. Great.

    I'm trying to decide which is best for me... Repeater bridge or Client Mode (Bridge). As I'd connect my new Netgear WNDR3400 just to connect the host router and set up my own SSID/password where I can use my own router for wireless. My PC will be wired which will plug in my router.

    Since I did found other "downloads" link and none of listed for WNDR3400, so would it be safe to use WNDR3700 since it's closer to WNDR3400?
  7. do NOT use a firmware that is not written for your router since it might be written for a different chipset.

    search their forum for info.
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