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Hello i want to know if there's a big difference in graphics between this two GPU.? ATI and Nvidia. i love Nvidia because it supports PhysX and and feel that i played the game completely with Effects. im planning to upgrade my GPU this comming Q2 my choices are 7950 or 660. i want to choose the 7950 because its cheaper and performs like 660ti. but im afraid that i might miss some effects in game. . Please i need some advice guys..?

Answers appreciated.

My Specs:

Intel i5 3570 non K
Kingston HyperX 1600 8GB
1TB WD 7200
PSU 650Watt
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  1. It depends on you that you want nvidia feature or not.while hd 7950 is really good and faster than gtx 660gpu.if you want more speed then get hd 7950 or more feature then get gtx 660ti.
  2. 7950 is way faster than 660. 660 Ti is the one that you would compare to a 7950 and the 7950 is still about 5% faster. Since you have the 7950 and the 660 at the same price (which is pretty magical to me :lol:) I would recommend the 7950 straight away.

    According to the PhysX problem, you could search in Wikipedia about the list of games that support PhysX. There it's listed less than 100 games (CMIIW) from 2005 to planned games this year. This means that very few games would support PhysX. Plus, you are still able to use PhysX in a Radeon card either with your CPU or via Hybrid PhysX (HPX) which means you buy a nvidia card (which could be a cheap one, say a GT640), tandem it with your radeon and make it a dedicatedPhysX Processing Unit (PPU). Search it over the internet.

    Another option would be the 7950LE/7870XT/LE/7870 Myst whatever, (AMD you suck at naming your products!) which is pretty good actually. It is much cheaper than the 7950 but it's touching 7950's performance. The only difference is in VRAM and bonus games. But the question is the availability of these cards in your area. If they are not there, just ditch this idea out.
  3. hybrid some what not working in newer games...

    looks like nvi trying to force the newer game using latest version of physX driver. This makes old "modified" physX driver (in hybrid) will not works in those games... >.<

    btw i'm also using hybrid..

    anyways go get 7950... if it the same price there, clearly 7950 wins..
  4. At any price point, you will get similar performance with either amd or nvidia.
    Some games favor one, or the other.
    As to physx, I don't know.
    Are you using a nvidia card now? If so, you could keep that for physx and add a stronger card for gaming.
    It seems that most prefer the nvidia drivers, but the amd drivers seem to work well enough.

    There is a potential issue that is not yet resolved in my mind, and that is consistency of response times.
    Benchmarks focus on average and minimum fps.
    But occasional lags can be very annoying.
    This article supposedly uncovered that issue comparing a GTX660ti and a 7950.
    You might want to see if you can find any more recent updates to the issue:
  5. I have a MSI 7950 3gb card and must say its pretty amazing for the price i played crysis 3 on very high with medium ssma. Best card i have owned thus far.
  6. Tnx for the reply :)
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