Help Please is there still hope to save my card ?

Hi guys, Long story short, II tried applying thermal paste on my card and I think some thermal paste fell on the silicone stuff so I thought it wouldn't be a problem and closed up and put my card back in. For the first few minutes it was working fine, ichecked the temperature and it fell from 82 to 52C degrees!! wow i was so happy, but then i started a game and my screen went black, I rebooted my computter and not there's garbage all over the screen . I can't see a thing and it's getting worse, (I can't even see what I'm typing right now, I'm using my smartphone as a refrence) So I took out my card again and tried to clean the thermal paste up and stuff but it still doesn't work, i'm stuck on 1024 x 860 or something resolution and and my screen is all messed up. Is my card dead or is there any hope of reviving it ?
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  1. Forgot to say it's a 9500gt
  2. Try it on another computer if you can and try reinstalling the drivers and resetting CMOS

    Make sure everything is plugged in and all that as well

    Thermal paste is non-conductive so it shouldn't do anything to the chip AFAIK

    82c at idle is really high though....
  3. Nope. Nothing .

    The garbage is there right from the start so it's not something reinstalling drivers would fix.. But I really just wanna know what went wrong... :/ it was working fine for a few minutes till I started a game , then it went crazy. Maybe because my acetone was colored :p (sarcasm)
  4. If you happen to have a spare oven:

    Or try cleaning up the thermal paste
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