Combining Portrait and Landscape Monitors only possible with two card?

Is the only way to combine portrait and landscape mode on anything from 3 to 6 monitors only achievable through two graphics cards?

So, basically, if you're with NVidia, you'd need two nvidia cards on SLI, and if you're on ATI you'd need two Radeon cards on Crossfire?

So, really, if I want to have 2 or 3 monitors on landscape, and two or three on portrait, I have to do things like get a 7870 and a 7770 etc?

I'm giving up on eyefinity 6 for this very reason, as I don't want all the monitors in either landscape or portrait. I want both...

What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Bump, I have since learnt that, on one graphics card not two, it may very well be possible to run more than 2 monitors combining landscape and portrait as long as they're running extended desktop (where you maximize a browser window and it only covers one monitor), and that it's only eyefinity that can't be run combined. But I need more confirmations that this is true.
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