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Hey everyone, I am having some troubles with my internet speeds, firstly the set-up is very simple, its just about 4 devices connected to a regular home router, 2 devices are connected wirelessly and i am having trouble with my desktop PC.

Basically what keeps happening is that it fluctuates between 10Mb/s and as low as 0.8Mb/s, right now its at about 4Mb/s but i cant understand why this keeps happening, I am using a G wireless USB NIC and the laptop (the other wireless device) is fairly new so it should be an N wireless NIC, also it doesn't change my speed when it is being used for browsing and my neighbours only wireless devices are also laptops with N cards I believe.

Thats pretty much all the information i currently know, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. When you look at the configuration pages for the adapter, does it show Wireless B/G/N in the settings or perhaps just N?

  2. For my Desktop PC or laptop?
  3. Well for my desktop it does not give me that option, it doesn't for my router either, they are both G

  4. So on the problem desktop, you're stepping down from N to G? That might explain things if the laptop wasn't apparently similarly affected. Back in configuration on the desktop only, are there settings for Media Type and if so, can you change to Fll duplex 10/100 to see if that cures it?

  5. No what i meant is that the card is only a G and always was, also i will give that a shot actually,

    ahh and now it is affecting the laptop too.
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