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GPU hitting 105c

I've got a 5770 that I've undervolted, re-applied thermal paste 6 times and it still hits 105c with the fan set to 100% constant. I'm using MSI afterburner and speedfan to monitor temps.

I don't know what to do anymore, each time with the thermal paste i tried a different approach, a super small dot in the middle to a big dot spread across with a bank card. Nothing works.

The card still runs perfect @ this temp but I don't want it running like that for long (been 4 days now) so what should i do with the thermal paste? or could it just be my card burning itself out (about 2 years old now).
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  1. see what GPU-Z tells you, it should show like 3 or 4 different temperatures for a 5770
    the high reading might be coming from some other component rather than the gpu chip itself...
    Does the card have any secondary heatsinks on other components that might have come loose?
  2. It doesn't from what i know, its the egg shaped one

    I'm busy downloading GPU-Z now and I'll let you know.
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  4. Is the fan actually spinning? the temp is very bad...

    u may need to open the case and blow air toward the GPU (using desk fan or case fan)...
    but it only temporary solution....
  5. "Wow the fan wasn't even spinning for me that's a first. Gave it a nudge and it started"

    EDIT: I've noticed another problem now, after a couple of minutes the fan speed drops (can hear it) and doesn't pick up no matter the temp even though i have it set to run 100% constantly. With this happening my GPU is hitting 105c again.
  6. Expensive...any other solutions that i could do for free? lol.

    I'm about to re-install CCC 13.1 and MSI afterburner to see if that perhaps fixes it.
  7. is the heatsink actually hot? i usually suggest that the cooler be touched, but at that temp it would burn your skin almost instantly.

    my point is, if it's not that hot then the cooler might not be set properly. that temp is too high, even for a high end card
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    Try oil the fan using "machinery" oil (cannot said it in english)....

    It sound like the fan is dieying because of age...(the lubricant dried up)..

    if it not helps then it looks like u will need another cooler (like ndslite sugess or simmilar) or try blowing air into it using case/desk fan (some modification & creativity may needed :D)
  9. Most cards won't run well (or at all) at 105c. There's probably an error in the way the temperature is being measured. Are you sure it's Celsius and not Fahrenheit? Try feeling your card's heatsink when it's running this hot, 105c is very hot to the touch.
  10. His fan is dieying... It not event spin >.<
    btw u need to do something quick, and dont force the card..., the card will degenerate quickly in those temp.. (if it not already burn out)
  11. Your fan is seized up. You can try opening it up to expose its bearing and use some rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the bearing shaft and the sleeve (usually these squirrel cage fans are sleeve bearing). Then use some motor oil to lubricate. Motor oil will last a long time.
  12. rdc85 said:
    His fan is dieying... It not event spin >.<
    btw u need to do something quick, and dont force the card..., the card will degenerate quickly in those temp.. (if it not already burn out)

    If this is true then the fan needs to repaired or replaced ASAP. Repairing the fan will consist of taking it apart, cleaning it, and re-lubricating it. If that fails, then you need to replace the fan and/or heat sink with something like this:
  13. or something like this. ARCTIC Accelero L2 Plus VGA Cooler

    It has a tedious install process, but will solve the issue and also beat the original cooler's performance.

    Edit: beat the original cooler's normal performance.
  14. Kso re-installing everything didn't change a thing so I'm sure its measuring it right, also I'm certain its Celsius. Its extremely hot to touch after a while when i took off the cooler to redo the thermal paste (the metal piece in the back with 4 screws was to hot to hold).

    I'm pretty low on cash (being 19 doesn't leave a lot left for my poor PC) so I'll try and open it up and spray some Q20 in there or use the motor oil as you guys suggest. If it doesn't work then I'll just have to drop the R200 on a aftermarket cooler.

    Thanks guys.

    EDIT: @Fokissed It's weird, the card runs perfectly fine for long gaming sessions (2-3 hours) I would expect the thing to blow lol.
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