Best nvidia settings for 690 gtx

hey all i have new pc:
maximus v formula
32gb g.skill 2400mhz
crosair 1200i power supply
ssd 120 gb crosair gt
1 tb sumsung
cmstrom trooper case
690 gtx of asus
the problem is i have low fps at all games - like 30 fps at full setting ;/
maybe i need change setting at nvidia program? (i didnt did somthing ther at all from bigining) or maybe at gpu setting?
please mail me how i can do better fps :P

ty much
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  1. Don't put your email here. There are many spammers in the internet.

    What driver do you have? It is better if you have the newest version. You can go to Nvidia control panel and set things to application controlled (If you have the option) and I think you need to disable VSync and see what result you have.
  2. I have a 690 and one thing I was told to do when I bought it was go into the Nvidia CP and "Enable SLI/Multi GPU". When I plugged mine in the first thing I did was update the drivers directly from the Nvidia site, (the latest is 314.07), then I checked the Nvidia CP and SLI/Multi GPU was disabled, so just check the box to enable it.

    Out of curiosity try running 3DMark 11 (Free) and post what score you get.
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