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Hi , I am going to be building my first P.C soon and i am getting the GTX660Ti and i was wondering how I was going to set a dual display up as the GTX660Ti only has 1x HDMI port, for the second monitor will i need to get an adaptor or will it be fine, Also if i connect for example Displayport or DVI instead of HDMI, and one with VGA will there be sound issues?
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  1. Which 660ti are you looking at? Most cards have 1 dvi, 1 hdmi, and 2 minidp outs. You can do one monitor in hdmi and one in dvi if you want. HDMI and DP are the only video outs that also carry sound. There will be no issue with playing sound on one monitor if you use dvi/vga on the other.Speakers in monitors are always terrible anyway. A ~$40 set of speakers is much better than built in speakers. You won't need any kind of adapter, just an hdmi cable and dvi cable, assuming your monitors have those connections.
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    Also, if you really need both connected VIA HDMI due to not having ports they do make cables that have HDMI on one end and DVI on the other. I have one right now running out the HDMI port on my laptop and into the DVI on my monitor. Just connect the DVI end to the GPU and the HDMI to the display.
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