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Need Major help with Display problem

February 25, 2013 10:35:09 AM

Hello there, I have a quite long and interesting problem Im looking to find the answer too. I'm going to word it as best as I can to show you all what my problem is, so here we go.

I am a live streamer using the Aver media Live gamer HD capture card. Now this card has 2 HDMI ports, One for In and Out, as well as 2 other ports for audio jacks.
Now my monitor has VGA and DVI. I had originally bought the card to capture my xbox 360 gameplay which it does with no problem, but it also can capture the PC's Screen. Now I use xsplit with this capture card and for the xbox it worked like it should. My GPU is a 560Ti Graphics card that has 2 DVI slots, however my Monitor only came with a VGA cable, but I have a few converters to solve that problem. Here are the converters that I currently have. HDMI to DVI, DVI to VGA. I use the DVI to VGA to connect my VGA display. I use the HDMI to DVI to connect my DVI. Its actually HDMI to HDMI with the HDMI converter to connect to the DVI port on my monitor. Now when combining the Graphics card with the Capture card it looked as simple as buying a HDMI to Mini HDMI, but its not working like it should. The computer recognizes 3 displays. Aver media, GNC Generic, and the Dell monitor. Now when I have both Dell and Aver media up at the same time my display from VGA gets split in half, half my icons go over to the DVI display and the other half stay, now if I switch over to DVI using the buttons on the side of my computer I find that the icons are way huge and my xsplit in DVI is way over stretched and looks so bad. I figured it was a resolution problem but everyone looks like it does in VGA. (VGA has perfect and clear icons, not stretched at all )
Now this is quite a problem as there is no way I see to fix it. I've combined some very different computer components, but should all work just fine. I don't know if its a Windows 8 problem or not.
So going over this again I have both HDMI ports plugged up on the capture card. The Mini HDMI to HDMI is going from the Mini port on GPU to the "In" HDMI port on capture card. The HDMI to DVI is hooked up to the "Out" slot. Having both displays extended in the resolution tab splits my VGA display in half taking half icons to DVI, while in the DVI display, everything is huge and doesn't fit on the screen. Using Xsplit i discovered that my screens are indeed being shared, so if I mouse off my screen I can see the arrow in xsplit in the DVI display. Its quite a hard and knowledgeable problem that I cant seem to get around. Any advice would be great.

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